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Maison Dudognon
France - Cognac


Maison Dudognon is a family owned producer, located right in the centre of the prestigious Grand Champagne cognac region. The family has been producing cognacs and eau de vies since 1776.

The maison is know for their full-bodied and complex cognacs, with their traditional, hands-on approach allowing for a depth of flavour the big producers can only dream about.

Every aspect of production is done in house, using methods steeped in 200 years of tradition. Grapes are sourced from the family's Grande Champagne vineyards before being fermented and distilled in a traditional wood fired still. Barrels are coopered on site from local Limousine oak, purchased green, and dried at the Maison to ensure quality at every step. The spirit sees 6-8 months in new oak, before being transferred to old wood for the remainder of the aging process.

The Napoleon is the 15-year expression produced by Dudognon. The nose radiates elegant fruit with a suggestion of tropical pineapple.  The palate is generous with that same fruit, combined with a rich spicy, woodiness, that can only come from such excellent cask quality.