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Eldorado Road
Rose - Fruity


"We make good wine at a profit if we can, at a loss if we must, but always good wine". With a philosophy like that, what's not to love about Eldorado Road? Certainly not the awesome Luminoso Rosé, that's for sure.

Often cited as a metaphor for the Holy Grail, Eldorado Road is more than just the pavement at the site of their Victorian vineyard; it's a symbol for pursuing the perfect drop. And when it comes to their Luminoso Rosé, we think they've come pretty close - especially for the price. Refreshing and bright, the Luminoso is a sexy Sicilian-graped seducer that's as good as savoury style Rosés come.

For the love of art and the making, the Luminoso Rosé is Eldorado Road's passion in a bottle that should be in your hands as soon as possible. Prepare to be wooed!