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Fleet Wines
Yarra Valley
Shiraz - Medium


The Fleet Lichen Syrah is a wine that boldly defies expectations and pushes the boundaries of what a Syrah can be. This is an adventure in a glass, a journey through the wild and untamed landscapes of the vineyard. From the first sip, you're hit with an explosion of flavours that demand your attention - blackberries, plums, and a touch of smoky bacon that's as seductive as a secret rendezvous. But it's not just about the taste. No, this wine has a personality, a swagger that can only come from a winemaker who knows their craft inside and out. It's unapologetically bold, with a backbone of velvety tannins that gives it structure and power. Pair it with a perfectly seared steak or a plate of charred, meaty mushrooms, and you'll understand why the Fleet Lichen Syrah is the rebel of the wine world, the renegade that refuses to play by the rules.