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A limited edition collaboration between Tenzan Sake Brewery and Kome Shochu Brewery. Inspired by the iconic anime series “Ghost in the Shell,” this set invites you to experience a fusion of art, craftsmanship, and flavor.

Each bottle features unique illustrations by prominent Japanese artists. Motoko Kusanagi graces one label, designed by Ilya Kuvshino, while the other, showcasing a Tachikoma robot, designed by well-known international illustrator, Omao.

Made with meticulous care, this set combines the expertise of both breweries. The result is a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation.

The 'Motoko' made from a sake base, gives a strong, fruity aroma with a rich mouth feel and distinct notes of pear. While the 'Tachikoma's' sweet potato base produces a refined spirit with hints of earthiness, floral notes, and a touch of sweetness.

You’ll receive two bottles, each containing 720ml of premium shochu.