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Pinot Noir
Ghost Rock
Pinot - Medium


The 2023 Iris Pinot Noir from Ghost Rock Wines is an exquisite single-vineyard wine that exemplifies the essence of Tasmania’s terroir. Crafted with meticulous care, it presents a harmonious blend of elegance and flavor.

Aromas: Delicate notes of blood plum, dried cranberry, and dehydrated raspberry dance on the nose, inviting anticipation.
Subtle Complexity: Hints of tea leaves and leather add layers of intrigue, revealing the wine’s depth.
Richness: The palate unfolds with rich spices, including bay leaf and clove, creating a symphony of flavors.
Structure and Balance: What truly distinguishes this Pinot Noir is its impeccable structure, where tannin, acid, and a plush mouthfeel converge seamlessly.