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Hartshorn Distillery


Ryan Hartshorn has always had a love for peated whiskys and often had the thought, why is this process not done with other spirits? So rather than continuing to wonder, he decided to use Tasmanian Peat from the North West Tassie Coast which has very similar climate conditions to that of Scotland's west coast.

He starts off by drying and igniting the Peat to allow bellows of smoke that infuse into the Whey fermentation process and then further vapour infuses the Peat smoke in the final stage of distilling to added even more of that amazing flavour into the final product.

This ends up in a sweet but smoky aromatic that builds complexity as you drink it, with all the classic characteristics of the classic Sheep Whey Vodka. So for your next Vodka martini, up the game with the Sheep Whey Peat Vodka.