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Head Wines
Barossa Valley
Red Varietal - Full Bodied
Vegan Friendly


The Old Vine Grenache shows Head Wines going back to his roots - quite far back, it happens, as this delicious bottle is the product of a vineyard planted in 1942.

Fruity right to the core, this wine is backed up with a tremendous spiciness, and the resulting flavour is as mouthwatering as Grenache gets. It's clear that the vineyard this wine came from has had enough time to root into the earth and absorb all the water and nutrients it can get - resulting in some superb grapes, and an even more superb wine.

Head Wines is the brainchild of Alex Head, a winemaker fascinated with old world techniques and the differences that soil and climate can make to a wine. His primary inspiration is Shiraz from the Cote Rotie in France, an influence that can be founded woven throughout all his delectable wines.