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The Helsinki Distilling Co.
Gin - New World


Helsinki Barrel Aged Gin, a crafted masterpiece, undergoes a brief sojourn in American Oak casks, maturing to perfection. Like its sibling, Helsinki Dry Gin, it boasts a symphony of eight hand-picked botanicals, including the Arctic lingonberry, resulting in a gin of unparalleled depth. Post-wood maturation, the spirit is gracefully blended with the purest Finnish water, rendering a full-bodied and harmonious gin redolent of the Nordic forest with a silky cask finish.

The smooth and golden allure of Helsinki Barrel Aged Gin is the fruit of its wood-infused slumber. Crafted from an array of botanicals, including Finnish lingonberries, Balkan juniper, Seville orange, lemon peels, fennel, coriander seeds, orris, and angelica roots, it's a testament to the artistry of gin-making."