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The Helsinki Distilling Co.
Gin - New World


Helsinki Sailor's Gin, a robust and flavorful elixir, derives its strength from the careful selection of hand-picked spices and the essence of Finnish lingonberries. This gin boasts a potent bouquet, characterized by the dominating juniper and zesty citrus notes, making it an ideal choice for crafting inventive cocktails.

Drawing inspiration from the award-winning Helsinki Dry Gin, Sailor's Gin retains the essence of its botanical lineage while adjusting the ratio to complement its higher alcohol content. Among the carefully curated ingredients, you'll find the aromatic juniper berries from the Balkans, Mediterranean lemon, and Seville orange peel, all contributing to its distinctive character. Other botanicals include fennel, coriander, orris, angelica root, and a delicate hint of rose petals, crafting a symphony of flavors that defines this exceptional spirit."