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Whiskey - Rye
The Helsinki Distilling Co.
Whisky - Non Peated


Helsinki Whiskey Rye Malt, a mellifluous Finnish rye malt elixir, captures the essence of excellence. It's painstakingly crafted from the finest Finnish malted rye and barley, with meticulous distillation and nurturing within select oak casks. The velvety embrace of barley lends smoothness, while the rye infuses a delightful spiciness—a symphony of balance, true to HDCO's taste ethos.

Release #18, a harmonious marriage of four casks, as orchestrated by the discerning Master Blender Kai Kilpinen. After a minimum of three years in American virgin oak barrels, this whiskey embarks on a finishing voyage within casks previously home to peated whisky from the mystical isle of Islay. The result? A gentle, smooth smokiness that envelops the senses.

The nose is a journey through aromatic peat fires, underscored by vanilla, baked apples from oak casks, and the soul of freshly baked rye bread, with malts and dark chocolate infused with brown sugar.

On the palate, a rich and sweet smokiness prevails, adorned with notes of vanilla, apricots, caramel, liquorice, and cocoa. Malted barley harmoniously balances the sweetness.

The finale? An enduring rye whiskey spiciness that lingers along the cheek's inner contours, accentuated by a palatable black pepper embrace.