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Whiskey - Rye
The Helsinki Distilling Co.
Whisky - Non Peated


Helsinki Whiskey Rye Malt, an exquisite Finnish concoction, epitomizes liquid artistry. Meticulously wrought from the finest Finnish malted rye and barley, it undergoes a journey of precision distillation and nurturing in handpicked oak casks. The barley's velvety caress delivers smoothness, while rye imparts a harmonious spiciness, embodying HDCO's unwavering commitment to balance.

Release #20, their pièce de résistance, exalts the rye's aromatic grandeur, forged through the artistry of Master Blender Kai Kilpinen. Four years of maturation in 200-liter American virgin oak and ex-Bourbon barrels, each bearing distinct char levels from 1 to 4, result in a whiskey of resplendent depth.

The nose evokes vanilla and fudge, courtesy of the virgin oak cask, accompanied by the essence of malted rye and freshly baked rye bread, generously sprinkled with malts and dark chocolate.

On the palate, a rich, opulent mouthfeel unravels a tapestry of flavors, with notes of vanilla, dried pears and figs, caramel, liquorice, herbal nuances, coffee, and dark chocolate. Malted barley artfully harmonizes the sweetness, ensuring a symphonic balance.

The conclusion? A lingering finish, the unmistakable spiciness of rye whiskey tracing the inner cheek, a testament to the mastery encapsulated within every sip.