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Primitivo,Shiraz, Shiraz
Inkwell Wines
McLaren Vale
Shiraz - Full Bodied
Organic Practices, Vegan Friendly


"Just a perfect day. Drink Inkwell in the park. And then later, when it gets dark, we go home". We may have slightly rejigged the lyrics to this eponymous track from the great Lou Reed, but with a Shiraz this good, we're sure folks won't have any qualms.

Big, bold and utterly beautiful, the Inkwell Perfect Day Shiraz is a full-bodied red lover's dream and a true showcase of founders Dudley and Irina's winemaking talent. Wooing with delicious hits of plum, blackberry and baking chocolate, a perfect day with some Perfect Day may have you leaving the park in a stupor of unfathomable deliciousness.

A Shiraz in the shade and the day is made, but why stop there? Drink well with Inkwell and you've got a perfect day in glass and life alike. Grab a bottle or two for your next afternoon off.