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Pinot Noir
Jane Eyre
Mornington Peninsula
Pinot - Light


Had novel Jane Eyre been as fortunate as renowned winemaker Jane Eyre, we'd have a classic story of distinctly different tone on our hands. Thankfully, dealing in wine as we do, all we need to tell you is that the "real" Jane Eyre has an amazing Pinot Noir for you to try.

Softly announcing itself with black cherries, cranberries and a hint of cardoman, the Jane Eyre Mornington Pinot Noir is a hands-off expression of the varietal, deftly employing the supreme soil of the Peninsula and Jane's determined approach of delicacy and ripeness over boldness and aging ambition.

So why wait ten years for a bottle to mature when you can indulge in one of the world's best uniquely light Pinot Noirs right this instance? Pick up a bottle today.