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A festive single malt whisky that embodies the true essence of Christmas.

Recognized as the top whisky of the year in 2021 by the esteemed Australian Whisky Awards, this release is a radiant celebration, brimming with flavours drawn from the essence of Jean Pascal's delectable fruit mince pies. Imagine the comforting aroma of gingerbread, traditional Christmas spices intertwined with fruits, and a luscious layer of vanilla custard atop a delightful plum pudding. This whisky is bound to spark joy and bring forth the twinkling spirit of the holidays.

Every year, Lark's Head Distiller meticulously handpicks Tasmanian red wine casks filled with the essence used by local patisserie maestro Jean Pascal for his renowned Christmas fruit mince pies. These vibrant, festive casks are then transported to Lark Distilling Co. where they're filled with seasonal spirit. The result? A symphony of Christmas in a glass: hints of nutmeg, cinnamon, and velvety vanilla custard greet the nose, paving the way for a palate adorned with gingerbread, citrus zest, and a liquid rendition of plum pudding that overflows with the jubilance of the yuletide season.

Enriched by the essence of Jean Pascal's pâtisserie expertise and Frogmore Creek's red wine barrels, The Christmas Cask emanates an inviting aroma of caramelized orange, nutmeg, and dried fruits. Its opulent palate delivers a harmonious interplay of rich toffee, marzipan, and freshly baked gingerbread, culminating in a heart-warming, buttery finish that encapsulates the very essence of the holiday spirit.