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Italy - Piedmont
White Varietal - Dry


A husband and wife team consisting of a winemaker of the highest acclaim and an agricultural scientist of international accolade. No Nobel prizes for guessing what they lovingly craft with unparalleled excellence.

Clearly, Linnaea aren't your average wine producer, so it's quite fitting that the Allora Cortese - a drop using an old and rare grape of unknown parentage grown in the Pimeonte region of Italy - is not your average white. A textural wine, you can imagine the Cortese winding its way through the periodic table on the way to your tastebuds, landing on a perfect medley of elements to deliver a taste complex and mouth-watering in equal measure.

Infused with the science of the sublime and the technology of taste, the Allora Cortese from Linnaea would have Heston Blumenthal gushing within nanoseconds. You simply need to try it.