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Italy - Piedmont
Sparkling - Sweet


Linnaea Vineyards is no typical wine producer, blending the passion of Melbourne-based winemaker Michelle Edwards with the science-smarts of agricultural scientist Daniel Fischl.

An ongoing search for the best grapes the world has to offer took the pair back to Italy, in this case to the foothills of Asti in the Piedmont region. Their goal? Moscato grapes worthy of attaching the Linnaea name to. In an 82-year-old vineyard Michelle and Daniel found the moscato they'd been looking for and a new wine was born. Pop the cork on this cheerful sparkling and you're hit with scents of fresh apricots and honeysuckle. Take a sip to discover that refreshing, creamy fruit is balanced with a crisp acidity. That's balance for you.

This clever wine is a happy blend of quality Italian produce and Aussie know-how and this Linnaea collaboration is certainly another worth seeking out while you can.