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Italy - Piedmont
Red Varietal - Medium


Linnaea Vineyards is no typical wine producer, blending the passion of Melbourne-based winemaker Michelle Edwards with the science-smarts of agricultural scientist Daniel Fischl. And now the pair are crafting Barolo from Nebbiolo grapes grown in Piedmont, Italy.

The Linnaea approach sees Michelle and Daniel seeking small batches of quality fruit to showcase specific regions from around the world. Now, a world-beating Barolo needs proper Italian Nebbiolo grapes to provide that full-bodied "tar and roses" aroma that define this style. So that's what's going on here. There are also lots of earthy, mushroomy elements to enjoy while swirling your glass, and the dry, dark flavours and tongue-gripping tannins will transport you right to the foothills of the Italian Alps.

For those who were wondering, "trifulau" is the Italian term for a professional truffle hunter - a person who searches high and low through the hills for hidden, delicious gold. Much like what Linnaea has unearthed here.