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Little Reddie
Red Varietal - Light


Right at its core, this wine proudly flaunts an intense bouquet of ripe strawberries – they're the unrivaled divas of the show. Accompanying these stars are the audacious presence of roses and the downright seductive fragrance of lavender. I mean, we're talking about a perfume that's not just heady; it's practically intoxicating.

And against a backdrop of dusty brick, the flavors of cherry, strawberry, and cranberry form a tantalizing alliance. This is a dry wine that knows how to strut its stuff, flaunting the essence of those dainty berries. Wrapped up in fine, unyielding tannins, it gracefully pirouettes across your palate with a finesse that's nothing short of exceptional. This wine is like the life of the party, exuding an abundance of fruit and sporting a tannic complexity that's sassier than your wildest friend. It's not just a superb choice for any occasion; it's practically demanding to be the star of the show! Cheers to this fabulously sassy wine!