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Sparkling Rose
Louis Bouillot
France - Burgundy
Sparkling Rose


Incredibly aromatic and delightfully crisp, Louis Bouillot Rosé shines with the best Rosé Champagnes - despite not being Champagne at all.

Made in Burgundy, another famous French winemaking region, this wonderfully dry and sparkling wine is a crowd-pleaser of the highest order. Though it is almost too beautiful to drink, you won't have any trouble knocking it back, and at such a great price luckily you won't have to.

Louis Bouillot is a master of Cote d'Or winemaking. He combines 30 years of experience with decades old vines to produce modern classics. By using organic farming methods, Bouillot allows the grapes to speak for themselves, resulting in a refined and nuanced flavour that can hold its own with the best of Burgundy.