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Mencia, Grenache
Lucy M Wines
Adelaide Hills
Red Blend - Medium Bodied
Organic Practices, Vegan Friendly


Anton von Klopper is known for his hands off approach to winemaking and this wine truly embodies this vision.

Lucy M Mencía y Garnacha is a vibrant Spanish blend composed of Mencía and Grenache grapes sourced from two different vineyards. Its Mencía grapes are young and grown on red clay soil, while its Garnacha grapes are 30 years old, grown on red clay. The wine is fermented carbonically for five days, then ages in terracotta egg, producing notes of sour cherry and pomegranate with rustic sappy tannins. An authentic and charming taste of Spain!

Please note this is a natural wine product and variations in each bottle is expected. It is also not filtered or fined so there is expected sediment in the bottle.  Do expect flavours you have never had before.  This product is very limited.