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Cabernet Franc
Marc Bredif
France - Loire Valley
Red Varietal - Medium


Concerning wine, the French are as ambitious as their bread is dough-licious. Taking over your uncle's winery, giving it a quick reboot and becoming one of the region's most eminent winemakers all over again. Easy, right?

Well, one taste of the Marc Bredif Chinon - a herbaciously hooky red from the esteemed Loire region of France - and you'll realise that failure for the determined nephew was never on the cards. Using only Cabernet Franc grapes, this Chinon is a great example of Loire's winemaking prowess, representing a value as remarkable as its ruby red hue.

So next time you're feeling a bit inert, grab a bottle of Chinon and invoke the spirit of Marc Bredif for some irresistible inspiration.