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G.E Massenez
France - Normandy


G.E. Massenez Calvados Vieux stands out with its remarkable visual—a substantial apple nestled within the bottle, sparking our curiosity about its origin. Crafted through an intriguing process, where miniature apples are delicately placed on branches and inserted into bottles to grow and mature, it's a truly captivating sight. Who could have imagined bottles sprouting from trees? This Calvados artfully blends traditional techniques with modern innovation to elevate its production. Each bottle proudly presents a 'Prisoner Apple,' not only for its visual appeal but also to enhance the brandy's distinctive flavour profile. With a medium-gold hue that beckons, this apple brandy exudes an inviting radiance. Its aromatic profile is a tantalizing blend of apple-cinnamon, cloves, pie crust, caramel, and subtle yellow pear notes, enticing the senses.

Upon the palate, it presents a refined dryness, elegantly weaving together the harmonious dance of apple-cinnamon flavours, offering a sophisticated tasting experience.
The finish is a luxurious affair—smooth, rich, and indulgent, leaving behind a delightful and lingering sensation that lingers, inviting you to savour every last drop.