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Whisky - Single Malt
Michel Couvreur
Whisky - Non Peated


Michel Couvreur is renowned worldwide for one thing - his expertly aged whiskies that find their home, and their flavour, in Sherry wood casks. It's no surprise that Very Sherried acknowledges this fame, and surpasses it, by aging a delicious single malt in a Sherry cask for 31 years.

Michel Couvreur has been producing whisky in Burgundy since 1978, and has established himself as the region's authority on the subject. He takes the finest whiskies from Scotland and ages them to perfection in his secluded barrel caves. With such a limited supply, each bottle he makes is one of the ultimate treasures you can attain in the whisky world.

Very Sherried may just be the pinnacle of his achievement. With such a bold, nuanced flavour profile that owes itself to the Sherry wood that cradled it for over three decades, each sip is truly a testament to the heights whisky-making can reach.