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Nick O'Leary
Canberra District
Red Varietal - Medium


Proving that great wine doesn't need to come from great age, the Nick O'Leary Seven Gates Tempranillo is an exquisite drop from a young winemaker that'll have you prying open the gates to the Underworld for a top-up.

Rated a 5 Red Star winery by James Halliday in 2015, you may think some sort of pact with the Prince of Darkness was made by this youthful winemaking team, but no - it's simply wine craft at its best in the Canberra District. Light, yet intense, the Seven Gates is a hallmark Tempranillo, showcasing the devilishly delectable taste of the Spanish grape.

There's no need to dust off that Ouija board and brush up on your summoning skills, because the answer's pretty simple when it comes to whether you should treat yourself to the sublime Seven Gates Tempranillo: Y-E-S.