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Chardonnay - Oaky


An elegant name for an elegant bottle of Chardonnay. Actress, Queen, or Warney's ex, you'd happily sit down with a glass of the Oakdene Liz's Chardonnay at the end of the day.

Fresh, bright and full of flavour, the Oakdene Liz's Chardonnay is an exemplary bottle from the cream-of-the-crop collection of one of Australia's most renowned wineries. Refusing to be just any Chardonnay, the Liz is a wine that has truly shone in the limelight of its cool-climate home soil, possessing a delicately balanced nectarine and white peach flavour that is simply divine.

A drop that'll have you skulking around like the paparazzi for a top-up, the Liz's Chardonnay isn't to be missed.