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Pachamama Wines
Shiraz - Medium


Taking its name from an ancient Incan goddess, the Pachamama Shiraz is a stunning bottle of red that'll have your tastebuds showing their devotion with a sacrificial bottle or two.

From the legendary soil of Heathcote and equally legendary hands of winemakers Don Lewis and Narelle King, the Pachamama Shiraz is a medium bodied drop with an intense fruity flavour of freshly crushed raspberries and subtle vanillin oak. Possessing a delicate savouriness as it goes down, it's a Shiraz that'll have you glass in hand at the godhead for a top-up.

Nurtured by the ancient mother of midweight Shiraz marvels and a team of seriously talented winemakers, the Pachamama Shiraz is a smashingly good wine for Shiraz lovers.