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Payten & Jones
Yarra Valley
Shiraz - Light


Swinging from tree to tree and throwing back a few bananas may seem a little outdated, but if there was ever a bottle thrilling enough to make you shun the modern way of life, this would be the one.

The Major Kong Syrah from Payten and Jones harks back the simpler days when preservatives were evil incarnate and untainted purity was king of the jungle. Slinking onto the palate with a seemingly impossible lightness, the Major Kong tantalises with an array of fruitiness and a unique cloudiness, making it the perfect gateway bottle to the kingdom of light, cloudy Shirazes.

Chest-beatingly flavoursome, yet light enough to have you floating blissfully to the top of the Empire State Building, the Major Kong Syrah's cloudy canopy is one you won't want to leave any time soon.