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Austria - Burgenland
Red Varietal - Full Bodied


On a mission to bring obscure Austrian reds to the world, Gerhard Pittnauer and his wife Brigitte are quickly making a name for themselves among wine lovers.

The couple's vineyard in the eastern corner of Austria is run on organic and biodynamic lines and Pittnauer's reds such as this Zweigelt are reassuringly bold, fruity, full-bodied wines that Aussie drinkers are sure to embrace. Fermentation of Pittnauer wines is achieved via natural yeasts - those locally-occurring Austrian micro-beasties that work their magic to turn grape juice into alcohol. And the result? An elegant example of a grape variety you won't come across very often.

Shiraz drinkers in particular, would do well to investigate this one, so jump on board the Pittnauer train and get cosy with some Zweigelt.