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Pinot Noir
Provenance Wines
Pinot - Medium


A sheriff of the Wine West, Provenance founder Scott Ireland's two greatest liquid loves are Pinot Noir and Chardonnay (in that order), so it only makes sense that his Golden Plains Pinot Noir is a seriously good drop.

A committed proponent for the power of balance, Scott describes exceptional balance as "the flesh of fruit flavour enveloping the skeleton of structure"; and that's exactly what you can taste in this exquisitely harmonious Pinot Noir. Brilliantly deep and flush with plums, it's a drop expertly cut by a natural acidity, supported by a savoury goodness and gulped by a happy drinker.

A Pinot from the Western Plains as good as any from the north, south or east. Get your hands on it as soon as you can.