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Reed Wines
Barossa Valley
Red Varietal - Medium


"The wines I make tell my story and are a reflection of all the lessons I have learnt along the way". As inquisitive and enthusiastic as founder Sierra Reed herself, the Alexia Grenache is an inimitably natural wine from a naturally talented winemaker.

The debut release from the young gun winemaker, the Alexia Grenache is a beautifully realised expression of the oft misrepresented grape. From Tscharke's Stonewall vineyard in the Barossa, the Alexia is packed with a powerful fruit hit belying an underlying elegance and lightness - a true gem of Reed's "nature first" approach and testament to her experience crafting vintages with some of the world's finest.

A bottled journey as telling and engrossing as it is truly delicious, the Alexia Grenache is a red to look forward to from a winemaker to look out for.