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Sauvignon Blanc
Terre A Terre
Sauvignon Blanc


Terre A Terre. A French expression simply meaning "down to earth" and the most apt name for this award-winning, winemaking duo that has truly mastered the art of letting the soil do the talking. Time to lend your ears to their amazing Sauv Blanc.

With the 2014 Vintage Heralded as the best Australian Sauvignon Blanc in none other than the 2016 Halliday Companion, the Terre A Terre Sauv Blanc is a drop of interminable quality possessing luscious pear notes, spice complexity and a unique texture equal parts creamy, dreamy and unlike anything to ever caress your tastebuds.

So leave the land of liquid dreams, plant your feet back on the ground and secure a few bottles of the small-batched Terre A Terre while you can.