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Whisky - Single Malt
That Boutique-y Whisky Co
Whisky - Non Peated
United Kingdom


Very limited stocks available

This small-batch single malt release was made at the Auchroisk distillery in Speyside, which was built by the founders of J&B. This release was originally bought to be part of a blend but it was so delicious by itself they decided to put it out as a single malt.

The bottle depicts a Zombie apocalypse - why? Because it can. We can tell you if there was any bottle to grab from the shelf in the case of said Zombie apocalypse it would definitely be this one.

Forgoing the usual Speyside grassiness and daytime whisky vibes, this drop is all cocoa, hazelnut and big punchy spices with a touch of sweetness on the finish to round it out. Bunker down. Literally.