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Spain - Cacebelos
Red Varietal - Light


El Bierzo. I know what you're thinking and no, it's not a beer themed luchador far too practised in the art of drunken boxing. Rather, it's home to Spain's Mencia grape, perfectly practised in the art of delivering delectable reds just like the Viernes Mencia.

Made from laboriously handpicked Mencia grapes at nearly one thousand kilometres above sea level, this delicately light red varietal from Viernes is yet another string in Spain's bang-for-your-buck winemaking bow, exhibiting an irresistible fruit flavour and smoothness on par with the best Pinot Noir you've had.

You'd be tempted to enter the ring as El Vino if it meant savouring a bottle of Viernes Mencia every night, so be sure to get this unappreciated gem in a chokehold as soon as possible.